Defective Equipment Accidents

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If you were injured in the workplace in an accident involving dangerous or defective equipment, it makes sense to talk with an experienced lawyer about your right to seek compensation. Quite simply, when you are concerned about medical bills, lost wages and so on, it helps to have a strong advocate on your side.

At Maynard & Harris Attorneys at Law, PLLC, in Winston-Salem, we can be your strong advocate. We have more than 45 years of combined experienced helping clients protect their interests in work injury cases of all types. This includes cases involving manufacturing or other production workers who are injured while using machines on the job.

The Skills We Bring

Doug Maynard once worked as an insurance adjuster and knows how your employer's workers' compensation carrier might try to deny your work comp claim. He uses his experience as a work comp lawyer to challenge such denials and move claims forward.

As a former nurse, Celeste Harris is especially well positioned to understand the evidence regarding your medical condition following the injury you suffered. She is also board-certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a workers' compensation attorney.

As attorneys who are skilled in resolving workplace injury cases, we know that in certain cases your claim may not necessarily be limited to workers' compensation. When the problems with a piece of equipment that injured you amount to an outright product defect, it is possible that you could bring legal action against the maker of the product.

Our firm can help you understand your options fully. We will also make the most vigorous case we can for the compensation you deserve.

What Happened - And How Badly Were You Hurt?

In a dynamic industrial area like Winston-Salem, there are many workplace production settings where defective equipment accidents can occur. These include:

• Taking safety measures off of machines

• Failure to train properly

• Dangerous equipment on construction sites

• Failure to give proper warnings

Many different types of injuries can occur in manufacturing accidents. Sometimes the injuries are severe, such as when there is loss of limb.

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Our attorneys have resolved many cases like these through the workers' compensation system and through third-party lawsuits. We can help you seek the compensation you deserve under the law.