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Past Cases of Maynard & Harris Attorneys at Law, PLLC

The following cases are examples of matters handled by our firm, but do not represent a comprehensive list of all the cases we have handled. Our results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case so we cannot guarantee the same outcome in every case:

Workers' Compensation:

We represented several construction workers who fell off of scaffolding but then had trouble getting workers' compensation benefits. The insurance company denied the benefits because it alleged they were intoxicated. We were able to get them the benefits they needed.

Our client, a 46-year-old male, fell from a ladder in the course of his employment and suffered from a head injury resulting in brain trauma. The workers' compensation insurance company denied his claim, questioning whether he had a head injury. Our attorneys took the case to court, resulting in a decision in our client's favor.

We represented an undocumented worker who was returning to a place to look for his wallet and was hit by a car. The case hinged on whether he was in the course of his employment. Our lawyers were able to settle the case out of court.

We represented a 49 year old woman who had three work-related injuries, but was able to return to her job after each injury. When she had a fourth injury after falling in the bathroom at work, her employer denied her claim and after fighting for her rights for three years in court, she won the benefits she needed and which she was entitled to.

A certified nursing assistant worked for a hospital for several years. When she was injured, the hospital denied her claim for benefits saying that she should not have been hired for the job in the first place because she had a previous injury with physical limitations. The first judge did not believe the injured nurse was hurt on the job, but through hard work and persistence, taking her case to the judges at the Industrial Commission and the Court of Appeals, we helped this lady get the benefits she deserved.

We represented a gentleman in a third party liability claim when he was injured when the brakes on a forklift failed. During our investigation, we learned that the forklift had been purchased by our client's employer as a factory reconditioned unit. The company from which our client's employer purchased the forklift denied responsibility saying it could not have detected the defect during its normal inspection procedures. The faulty forklift was repaired under the original manufacturer's warranty. We were able to reach settlement out of court for our client's injuries from his employer under workers' compensation and through another party for compensation he could not recover through the workers' compensation claim.

Auto Accidents:

An intoxicated driver left a local chicken wing restaurant and bar after watching an NFL playoff game. He crossed left of center smashing into a vehicle occupied by grandparents and their granddaughter causing serious and permanent injuries. The drunk driver whose blood alcohol level was approximately 2.5 times the legal limit died in the wreck. Claims were successfully resolved against the driver and the restaurant / bar. A key to the case was being retained shortly after the collision as we sent a private investigator to the restaurant / bar and secured valuable evidence including the bar receipt. In dram shop / liquor liability cases, time is of the essence. An attorney should be retained as soon as possible.

A driver fell asleep while driving and hit a tractor trailer parked on a ramp leading back to the highway from a rest area. Our lawyers sued both the driver for driving off the road and the tractor trailer owner for parking in a space that was against regulations.

A tractor trailer hit a bridge, causing its contents to fall onto our client, who suffered post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. The case was settled out of court for a confidential amount.

We have successfully resolved cases involving a single car accident that North Carolina authorities presumed were due to drinking and driving. Insurance carriers sometimes contend that passengers involved in accidents while riding with an intoxicated driver are not entitled to recover.

Insurance Disputes:

We represented a couple in an insurance dispute in which an insurer was trying to disclaim coverage. The company alleged that the woman was involved in an accident and did not report it to the police properly. The company also alleged that, in another accident, a friend was driving the couple's car, and should have been listed on the insurance policy. Mr. Maynard's experience as an insurance adjuster helped him successfully defend the couple.

We have successfully handled many cases involving issues of medical causation. Insurance companies often deny claims because they presume that a medical condition was pre-existing, and so was not caused by the accident at issue.

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The above are just a few of the hundreds of cases successfully handled by our lawyers. Contact us for a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your situation. We do all cases on contingency, meaning that we charge no attorneys' fees until a settlement or verdict is won.

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