Injuries from Airbags

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There is no question that airbags save lives in serious motor vehicle accidents. But when the airbags themselves cause more injuries and deaths than the accident, itself, might have, the manufacturer must be held accountable.

Injuries From Takata Airbags

Takata Corporation is one of the world's largest manufacturers of airbags installed in a high percentage of cars on American roads today. Takata has been in the news lately because of a number of injuries and deaths resulting from improper functioning and failure to operate properly. To the corporation's credit, they have issued a recall to repair and replace their defective product. While the recall is commendable, it does not relieve them of liability in the event a road accident or death can be directly attributed to their malfunctioning airbag.

Common types of injuries from defective airbags include:

  • Broken teeth
  • Detached retina
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal cord and neck injuries
  • Nerve damage

If you were involved in a car accident in North Carolina, and you believe the injury (or loss of a loved one) was the result of airbag or seatbelt failure, talk to an attorney at Maynard & Harris Attorneys at Law, PLLC, in Winston-Salem. We are a team of experienced, aggressive personal injury trial lawyers with a strong record of successful litigation in complex product liability cases. We understand the issues regarding manufacturers' responsibility and we aggressively investigate and prepare the strongest case possible to help you recover the full and fair compensation you are entitled.

We also represent non-residents injured in car accidents while traveling in North Carolina.

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